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Floride Automobiles Limited began in 1990 with the purpose of making a difference in the automobiles industry, after five years of making an impact without a face, We were finally established and incorporated in April 1995 and became a limited liability company.

Our zeal and main objective is to bridge the gap and the vacuum created in the transportation system of our country Nigeria ,by bringing /introducing the latest technology in the area of the transportation system.

We started importation and sales of choice cars, trucks and other useful automobiles in their nearly new state and at the most affordable prices as demanded and permitted by the Nigeria market and Nigeria economy respectively. We do consultations on all vehicles, recommends tested mechanic and advice our clients and prospective clients on the best way to keep their cars on the road.(without any charges).

We help in the clearing of self imported vehicles after mastering the rhythm of the Nigerian ports, without losing much to the port rats and without incurring unnecessary rents. On be halve of our clients on a mission in any part of the world, we engage in the clearing and forwarding vehicles, through payments of import duties to the Nigerian custom and excise, we complete registration documents and deliver to their loved ones or parked as instructed.

We are actively involved in the association of automobiles dealers in the state with primary aim of sanitizing, educating and pursing a common goal in the industry. We instituted the use of search machines via the internet with names and stock list of all the registered automobile company to facilitate the location of vehicles available for sale in any part of Nigeria.,and Africa in the nearest future.

We organize seminars and workshop on the importance of improving and bringing up to date training to the electrical and mechanical engineers available with aim of improving the maintenance culture of the cars available. We encourage the importers of spare parts dealers to bring in authentic, lasting or value for money parts as this will reduce problems created and perpetuated by some dishonest by mechanics.


To contribute our quota to the Nigerian economy by facilitating, through importation, the acquisition of affordable, mechanically-sound vehicles, with a view to easing the transportation difficulties of the citizens.


To help government realizes its dream of discouraging the importation of ramshackle, rickety,, overused vehicles by adhering strictly to statutory age limits on imported second-hand vehicles. Our low-mileage, next to new vehicles comes into the country through the ports in Nigeria. We therefore do not cut corners as far as payment of import duty and all other associated charges are concerned. What this means is that there is no risk of seizure (by men of the Department of Customs and Excise), of vehicles purchased from Floride Automobiles Ltd. post importation and licensing. This much, it must be noted and cannot be said for vehicles brought into Nigeria from the neighboring port of Cotonou, Benin Republic. We offer (free of charge) as an added incentive, consultation on make/brand of vehicles, as well as recommend tested and reliable auto mechanics to our clients and prospective clients, to help keep their vehicles on the road for as long as possible.


Our company in concert with other automobile dealers intends to take advantage of the information super highway, by setting up a site, where at the click of the mouse, a comprehensive stock list would be available, for ease of location of desired vehicles, not only in Nigeria, but through out Africa. We also intend in the very near future, to organize refreshment courses for automobile mechanics and electricians, to keep them abreast of new developments in the automotive industry, this, we believe will add value to our main business of vehicle importation


Feel free to visit our showroom to choose from over fifty vehicles with authentic road-worthiness certification. In the unlikely event of not finding what suits you, we will make your preferred choice available and ready to drive within 30 days At Floride Automobiles, quality can never be compromised.



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Our cars are delivered fully-registered with all requirements completed. We’ll deliver your car wherever you are.

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